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About RideAMonster.Com and "Thumper"


Many of us dream of being able to ride in a Monster Truck.


This website and the Thumper monster truck is owned and operated by Ron Barrows of "Thumper Monster Rides". Ron saw the joy, awe, and excitement on the faces of children, and the delight in the eyes of their parents at local monster truck events as the big trucks roared around the track, jumping or smashing anything in the way.


Being the talented and experienced owner of Ron's Automotive, partner in B&B Racing, and a Grandpa himself, Ron decided to build a monster truck folks could ride in. Safety was paramount in his mind, but he didn't forget the excitement and power! Take a look at "Thumper's Speciations" and you'll see what we mean.






Thumper Monster Rides offers a wide variety of services including church events, large birthday parties, company outings, weddings, fairs, carnivals and company or business promotions. We come to your location for grand openings, open houses, car shows, races, company picnics, civic celebrations, air shows, county fairs, and more! Imagine the possibilities when you use Thumper for your next fund raiser!


Contact us today to schedule Thumper for your event!!! CLICK HERE!





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