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Welcome to the online year-by-year photo album for Thumper the Monster Ride truck. We've attempted to provide you with and ongoing picture history of Thumper. Watch as this section of RideAMonster.Com grows. You may find your photo or a photo of your favorite event.


1999 -
Thumper is headed for "Rebirth

2000 -
Working on a Monster

2001 -
A safe place to ride!

2002 -
Thumper gives some rides.

2003 -
Thumper Gets Rear Steering!

2004 -
Thumper Learns the Ropes !

2005 -
Thumper's has a FUN Year!

2006 -
Thumper is Rebuilt - Better than EVER



2007 -
The New, Safer, More Powerful Thumper



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